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Becker's Model Railroad Supply (W.C.Becker Enterprises) was started in 1973 as a part time mail order operation from my  (Bill Becker's) home here in New Brighton, Minnesota and was operated as such until the early '80s.  Without going into great detail, at that time more time was being spent on the business than on my full time job and a decision had to be made whether to keep eating as I was accustomed to, or to quit my job and run the business full time.  I decided to keep eating and reduced the business activity to a very small local operation.

By 1992, for many reasons, I decided to leave the security blanket behind and left my full time job as an engineer for a large defense contractor and do my own thing.  The result (although not the original intent) was the establishment of Becker's Model Railroad Supply as a full time operation with a store and all in September, 1993.

Our store is located in Rice Creek Shopping Center, a neighborhood strip-type mall in New Brighton. Until August of 98 we were located in what we liked to refer to as the "lower level".  August 1st  '98 we opened at our new location just upstairs and around the corner of the shopping center. We occupy 2300 sq ft and have at any one time more than 7500 different model railroad items, mostly HO scale, in stock  and on display.  If you've been to the store, you know that the receiving area always seems to actually be in the entry area as the tables there are usually piled with the items received the last day or two and the floor containing boxes yet to be unpacked, waiting to be shipped or priced and placed in the store.

Store Hours:
WF 10:30-5:00,
TTh 10:30-7:00,
Sat 10:00-5:00,
Closed Sundays and Mondays

Where is Becker's Model Railroad Supply?

If you're in the Twin Cities area, this little map will probably help a bit in finding the store.



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