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GN S2 4-8-4 Brass Hybrid
in HO Scale by
Broadway Limited

$699.95 MSRP
Our Special Price $579.99
Free Shipping (cont. 48 states)
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DCC / DC  compatible

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GN S2  4-8-4, with open cab
BLI2870 Cab No. 2579
Sold out
BLI2871 Cab No. 2580
Sold out
BLI2872 Cab No. 2584
Sold out
BLI2873     unlettered

Vestibule Cab Example

GN S2  4-8-4, with vestibule cab
BLI2874 Cab no 2586 Sold out
BLI2875 Cab no 2587 Sold out

BLI2876 Cab no 2582
Sold out
BLI2877    Unlettered

(cab number shown not available)


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