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What can you order?
You may order most lines of model railroad equipment and supplies normally sold through dealers.  You may order from distributor catalogs such as Walthers; from manufacturer's catalogs, magazine ads etc.  If we don't have what you order in stock, we can usually get it for you.  In addition to our own large inventory, we have at our disposal the largest distributor and manufacturer inventories in the country;  Walthers, Bowser, IHC, Champ Decals, Intermountain, Red Caboose, DPM, Digitrax and many others.  
Pricing and discounts   (rev 04/08)

Mail orders and Store Special orders
Our prices are based on discounts from the current (at time of shipment) manufacturer's suggested retail price (list prices).  The following discounts apply to most lines of model railroad products we handle.

There are two discounts, the ITEM DISCOUNT applies to each line item on the order, The ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT applies to the discounted order total amount:

One or more of the SAME ITEM
totaling (list price x quantity)


less than $8.00
$8.00 to $14.99
$15.00 to $29.99
$30.00 to $79.99
$80.00 or more


Above applies to each item, not the entire order   (rev 04/08)



 Add $7.95

under $90.00
$90.00 - $119.99
$120.00 - $349.99
$350.00 or more



Above applies to the discounted total order amount  (rev 04/08)
Our discount structure above is intended to allow for affordable small orders while providing maximum discounts for large purchases. Your discount will vary between a minimum of 3% up to 28% (20%+10%) depending on your order sized and the mix of item costs. Note that these discounts do not apply to sale or special priced items unless specifically stated.
How to order
You can order by regular mail using our order blank or any piece of paper handy, by Internet E-Mail ( or by phone (651) 635-9480.
When ordering please include

If not from Walthers Catalogs
Manufacturer's Name
Item or catalog number


Price if you know it

Where your saw the item

If you don't want to bother figuring the discounted prices on each item, your may estimate by adding the list prices, discount the total and provide sufficient payment (credit card orders are charged at the time of shipment only for the amount shipped)  There is no minimum order , however on orders of less than $120.00, we do ask that you include $7.95 to help cover shipping & handling costs.
Payment master Visa
You may send payment with order (check, money order) or charge to your Visa, Master Card or Discover.  Be sure on credit card orders to include the card number, expiration date, cvv2 number and if sending by regular mail, sign the order.
When ordering by E-mail or phone, if you wish to pay by check, indicate that you are sending payment by mail (we will hold items for 7 days only, items not in stock will be ordered only after payment is received).  Otherwise, include your card number and expiration date in the body of the order or on the phone.
Back orders
Items which are temporarily unavailable will be back ordered unless you specify no back orders.  You may indicate a latest date at which time back orders will be cancelled.  There is no additional shipping or handling charge for back order shipments within the continental 48 states. Back ordered items may be cancelled by you at any time.
We pay all shipping costs (beyond applicable S&H above) via UPS or Priority Mail (depending on weight) within the continental US.  We will ship Priority Mail, Parcel Post, UPS 3 day, 2nd day or next day air on request.  Additional actual costs will be charged.  Sorry, we do not ship COD.

Outside the continental 48 states, you will be charged actual shipping costs.  If sending payment with order, Hawaii, and Alaska, add $15.00, all others add $40.00 plus foreign orders will be charged an additional $9.00 per order handling charge. Any excess will be refunded, under payments will be billed.

We will substitute another item for one not available only if you specifically request it, or if the substitute is identical in every way such as some items which are made by the same manufacturer but sold under different labels.  If you wish to have us substitute,  please indicate specific substitutions when ordering.

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